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Decorating for Christmas

Another of my holiday goals was to do something magical with Grace three times each week. So far, our magical things have been playing in the snow, going to the beach, making sand art, and decorating our Christmas tree.

For the first five years that I lived in my home, I put up the Christmas tree from my childhood. I decorated it (and the rest of the house) in with stylish blue, white, and silver ornaments.

Everything matched, and I liked it.

decorating for christmas, matchy matchy style

Then I got married.

Since I lost the battle to have a stylish matchy-matchy Christmas tree, I haven't found a lot of joy in decorating for Christmas. Still, I tolerate the mismatched tree whether I like it or not. The tree is magical for Joe.

Decorating was magical this year.

When Grace woke up, she dug into the ornaments. The first one she found was this one, the manger that matches her Little People nativity set.

It's Baby Jesus, Mommy! Look! Baby Jeee-zus!

Daddy! I found Baby Jesus!

decorating the christmas tree

After breakfast, Gracie Claus showed up to help with the decorating. She ran around like a nut for an hour or so, and then we got down to business.

lets decorate

Ornaments were strewn all over the place. Boxes of Christmas decorations cluttered the living room.

My sparkly blue kissing ball was hung in its usual spot.

Our teddy bear Advent wreath found its spot on the wall, so that Joe and Gracie can pull the numbers off one each day.

Christmas cards from our friends and family were stuck to the closet door (around Grace's Penn State basketball hoop).

decorating the Christmas tree

In the midst of our hard work, Grace lost a sock.

decorating the Christmas tree

I think it helped her to run faster.

When did she grow up? She's too big to be my little bebe.

Apparently, when you're two-and-a-half, decorating involves dumping all of the ornaments onto the floor and admiring them from a distance.

These are my ornaments, the ones from my beautiful blue tree.

They're the ones that normally boycott our mismatched memory tree.

They're not boycotting this year. Grace didn't give them a choice.

My decorating!

christmas ornaments

This is my favorite shot. Can you tell?

I love the concentration on her little face.

She looked like this as she hung every single ornament. So serious.

decorating the tree

Once the ornaments were hung, Grace played.

At some point, she found a bag of mini marshmallows.

At some point, Grace's attentive parents were not so attentive.

At some point, Grace opened the mini marshmallows, fetched a spoon and a bowl from her kitchen, and had some breakfast.

At 7:00 at night.

getting ready for christmas

Soon after her sugary “cereal” snack, Grace conked out. Decorating is hard work, after all.

getting ready for christmas 2

Even Gracie Claus needs a break now and then.

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  1. I loved this. I am SO about decorating the MATCHING Christmas tree. I've lost some joy, too – my hubby doesn't care for Christmas decorations (doesn't care one way or another) and my girls practice the touchy feeling kind of observation. My tree's not up yet – maybe i'll surprise them today and we can decorate! SOOOOO cute!

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