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Triangle Craft

Grace is only 2, but scissors have caught her attention.

She likes to cut. She especially likes to cut with her special scissors (that really aren’t special at all except that I overpaid for them at the office supply store).

Joe and Grace were home alone one day this week, and Joe gave Grace a few pieces of craft foam and her special scissors. He let her do what she wanted, and she wanted to make a person.

Who turned out to be me.

I know it’s me because Grace told me so when I got home. That you, Momma.

I’m a little thicker around the middle that I’d prefer, but I’ve got great gams. It all evens out in the end.

triangle craft

If I’d been home, there would have been chatting about shapes and cutting and the meaning of life. I wasn’t, so I don’t have any idea what they talked about.

Joe said he did make the legs, the nose, and the mouth for her; he let her glue them on herself.

Maybe next time we’re home alone, I’ll just give Grace the scissors and some foam and see what she comes up with.

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4 thoughts on “Triangle Craft”

  1. So cute.. I do the same thing when my son draws pics of me and stuff.. i alwayys say “Don't forget to make Mommy skinny!'

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