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Our Fall Leaves Bird

My dear friend, Allie, is the author of No Time for Flashcards. If you've never read No Time for Flashcards, where have you been? you are missing out. fall leaves bird craft

No Time for Flashcards is one of the very best blogs for parents of preschoolers. Allie posts creative and fun projects that babies and toddlers can do themselves or with a little bit of help. It's tremendous.

Most of the time, I scour No Time for Flashcards for project ideas.

Now and then, Grace and I do something that I made up myself, and I think Oh, this would make Allie proud.

That happened recently. I told Allie about it, and she asked me if she could post it on her site.

After I picked myself up off the floor, I agreed, and my guest post was born.

Today, it's featured.

Head over to No Time for Flashcards to read how to make this duck turkey flamingo bird from fall leaves.

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