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Eebee’s Mix & Mash

Grace and I have had the flu for the last week. We haven't done any fun cooking, nor any fun eating.

Grace hasn't done much eating at all, in fact.eebee mix & mash

That makes it hard to write about Grace's kitchen exploits, you know?

Earlier in the week, we received a preview copy of a book I wish I'd had when Grace was tiny. It's called eebee's Mix & Mash: Adventures in the Kitchen for Baby & You. It's a cookbook that contains six recipes, but it's also a board book. It has pictures of Eebee and his baby friends that will captivate babies, toddlers, and even older kids. It comes with a DVD  that shows how to make each of the recipes.

I thought Eebee was too babyish for Gracie, but I was wrong. She loves him. She's loved him ever since she set yes on him in July (when I brought a simple DVD home from BlogHer). She's getting a plush Eebee for Christmas.

Don't tell her!

Anyway, you already know that I preach about letting kids help in the kitchen, and Eebee's Mix & Mash is all about allowing the tiniest of helpers to make themselves some real food that they can eat and enjoy.

Grace's Kitchen Friends

Please join in Grace's Kitchen Friends! To play along, all you have to do is fill out MckLinky below. You can link up any post that talks about kids and food:Grace's Kitchen Friends

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I'm easy like that, Dear Reader. The only thing I ask is that you link back here to Grace's Kitchen Friends in your post. I can't wait to see what your kids are doing!

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6 thoughts on “Eebee’s Mix & Mash”

  1. Okay – I’ve never even heard of eebee but the book sounds so cute! my girls LOVED to help in the kitchen – “washing” dishes or adding ingredients. We have a tiny kitchen so it gets cramped – but when we can manage it – it’s a LOT of fun!

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