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Let’s Make Cookies

play kitchen baking At my house, cooking is a family affair. Baking is, too.

Over the summer, Grace and I baked cookies for my sister's birthday. I practice what I preach, and Grace helped with almost every step of the cookie preparation. She measured flour. She poured sugar into our stand mixer. She scooped dough out of the mixing bowl and onto the baking stone.

The cookies were okay, not great. Good enough, certainly, but not a recipe to write home about.

Regardless of the quality of the finished cookies, Grace was fascinated by the baking process. She's talked about baking some cookies every day since August 11 (when we made them).

No kidding. kidkraft baking set

Pretend Play Kitchens asked me to do a product review, and one of the products offered in their store is Kid Kraft's play Baking Set. I've had my eye on this very baking set since we first got Grace's play kitchen last Christmas.

play kitchen bakingI knew Grace would love it, and she did.
Immediately after opening the box, Grace set out to baking her own cookies.

She measured, she poured, and she mixed. Out of the mixing bowl popped a nicely formed chocolate chip cookie.  She placed her cookies onto the cookie sheet and put them into the oven in her play kitchen.

A half hour later, Grace was still baking cookies.

A half hour after that, Grace was feeding cookies to her Daddy. Soon after that, they were having a tea party.

I'm not sure which comes first – the real cooking or the pretend cooking. Grace loves all of it.

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I received KidKraft's Primary Baking Set from Pretend Play Kitchens to evaluate before posting.

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