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Positive Parenting Solutions

Remember when I posted about my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad trip to the fabric store?

I asked for advice. I got some advice, but mostly I found commiseration: on Facebook, in the post’s comments, on Twitter, and even by email. Which way to go?

I was grateful for the suggestions. I was touched that so many of you wanted to help me, and that you went out on a limb by talking to me about what you do with your kids.

I was overwhelmed by the people who said, “We’ve all been there. Let me know if you find something that works.” That’s what parenting is about, isn’t it? We share what works for us.

Thanks to my friend, Mariana at Riding with No Hands, I found something that is working for me. It’s called Positive Parenting Solutions, and I’ve been wanting to write about it for a while.

I saw results as soon as I implemented the first lesson.

It really works.

We’ve been out to many restaurants and many stores since I started the course. Grace is still a 2-year-old, and she’s still prone to obnoxious behavior, especially when I fall back into my old habits, but now, I am a lot better at preventing and mitigating the behavior.

I have tools and answers and resources and a parenting coach that I can turn to for help.

positive parenting

Positive Parenting Solutions

Positive Parenting is different than all of the books and magazines and blogs from which I’ve tried to learn how to manage Grace’s behavior. It’s based on an assumption that parenting is not intuitive.

Because it isn’t.

I have so many times felt like I didn’t know what to do in response to Grace’s behavior. When things are going well, I’m great at it. But when faced with a challenge, I clam up. I resort to what my parents did, and I don’t want to do that.

This philosophy was the first thing that drew me to Positive Parenting Solutions.

The thing that kept me involved in Positive Parenting was that it worked for me, and it didn’t involve spanking, time out, or reasoning with my 2-year-old.

What to Expect in the Positive Parenting Breakthrough Course

In the Positive Parenting course, you will learn why children misbehave, and you will learn how common reactions to misbehavior make the problem worse. You’ll also learn different ways to relate to your kids that will show you results right away.

The very first tool I learned involved spending less time scolding Grace and more time playing with her. It might sound silly and impractical, but I did it anyway. I saw results the very next day.

Instead of saying, “Grace, no! Put that spool of thread down!” I found something fun for us to do together. She put down the thread because there was something more interesting to play with – me. I have been able to direct her through play in situations in which she’d normally melt down and become out of control.

The Positive Parenting Breakthrough Course is broken into 6 sessions, each containing a series of lessons. Some of the lessons are videos. Some are readings. Others are interactive modules. The sessions don’t get boring because there are so many different activities to learn from.

Within the sessions are Note-Taking Guides, a Toolbox, a FAQ, and an index of terms. Amy has made the entire process easy and clear so that any parent with the inclination can dive in and see results.

Getting Joe Involved

Joe is not the self-help book type.

He’s read 3 books this summer, and I imagine that’s more books than he’s read any 12-month period of his life. He doesn’t enjoy reading the way that I do.

You can imagine what happens when I put a book in front of him on raising a child or discipline for toddlers.

If I don’t read it to him, he won’t read it on his own.

Joe will, however, come over and sit next to me when I say “Hey, Honey? You should see this.” It’s easy to get him involved in this program.

Topics You’ll See

When I was initially weighing my options and trying to decide whether to purchase the Positive Parenting Solutions Breakthrough Course, I wanted to see a list of topics that would be addressed. I put this overview together to give you an idea of what to expect:

  • Session 1 helps you to think about your own personality and motivation, as well as introducing the course philosophy and the psychological concepts behind it.
  • Session 2 looks at how to get kids to make meaningful contributions to the family.
  • Session 3 talks about getting and keeping your children’s attention without yelling, nagging, or punishing.
  • Session 4 considers why kids misbehave and what benefits they get from misbehavior.
  • Session 5 helps you to untangle sibling rivalry and competition.
  • Session 6 encourages you to successfully use family meetings to maintain what you’ve learned.
  • The Wrap-Up helps you to prevent back-sliding into old habits.

By the end of session 6, you’ll know and be using 20 different tools to keep your children behaving the way you want. Plus, if you completed the Note-Taking Guides, you’ll have a resource to look back on and refresh your memory at any time.

Personal Coaching

Amy McCready, the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, is available by email and phone for course participants. Her support is invaluable, especially for parenting concerns not specifically covered in the course.

My current big concern is that Grace doesn’t nap unless I hold her or take her for a ride in the car. It’s my own fault; I’ve always held her for her naps, and she doesn’t know any thing else.

Amy is working through it with me, helping me to get Grace sleeping in her bed for naps.

The Last Word

Do I sound like I’m gushing about Positive Parenting Solutions? It’s because I am.

I can hardly believe I’ve found this course. It has helped me to deal with Gracie in such a way that makes our interactions life better. We have more fun. I’m much less stressed when it comes to wrangling her. She is happier and less frustrated.

It’s not an overstatement to say that we owe it to my willingness to ask for help and Amy’s brilliant course. It’s that simple.

Free Webinar

I love Amy’s Positive Parenting Solutions Breakthrough Course so much that I’ve asked her to hold a webinar for my Dear Readers and friends. You can read more about the webinar on my main blog.

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15 thoughts on “Positive Parenting Solutions”

  1. I know your blog post is from a LONG time ago, but I wondering what your thoughts are now on the positive parenting solutions. Did you stick with it? What did you think of the “toolbox”? Is it worth the cost? Thanks!

  2. Hello! I came across your review of this course. Although, it wasn’t sponsored by Positive Parenting, I was wondering if you’ve become an affiliate for them?

  3. Hi Tara, great blog and very encouraging to hear you’re still using the tools. Have you read Dr. Laura Markham’s book “Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids” and/or know anything about Aha! Parenting’s website and 12 week course? Both are similar in price but the glaring difference is Amy’s tools and courses are lifetime access while Aha! Parenting is a short window.


  4. Just started with this program and finished Session One. I saw your blog post after I plunged in with both feet into the course. Normally I would be hesitant to spend that much money. I was still unsure if I made the right choice so I searched the internet for reviews of real people who have tried it and found you. I was glad to find out that your review was based on your honest opinion and was not paid or compensated. This post led me to read other posts of yours. And was even happier to find a sister in Christ and a homeschooler in you (which I plan to be… soon!). Just thought I stop by and let you know I enjoyed reading your blogs and will try some of your recipes. I hope you’d stop by and check mine too (it’s nothing compare to yours. Lol. Still learning how this blogging works!). I am surprised by how many entries you have on your site. I don’t know how you were able to write that much, homeschool, work FT, be a wife and a homemaker. That’s pretty amazing!

    • Please don’t think I do everything! My house is a disgrace, honestly. It is dirty and cluttered. My husband does all of our cooking. I do work FT and homeschool, and I do occasionally write on my blog these days, but I am not accomplishing any more than you are, I promise. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

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