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Another Trip to the Fabric Store

Last week, we made a repeat trip to the fabric store.

Yes, it was that fabric store.

The one that sighed a collective sigh of relief when we walked out the door. (Not really, but they should have.)

Here’s something I never thought I’d say about that fabric store – Grace and I were there for a long time, and we had a blast.

Positive Parenting SolutionsNo pulling flowers off their stems and throwing them on the floor.

No knocking things over.

No screaming. No yelling. No crying.

It was amazing.

My secret?

I played with her.

That’s it. It really is that simple. I played with her. She carried an empty basket through the entire store, telling every person we passed that it had cookies inside. I played along. We had a pretend picnic at the table where the pattern books sit.

We looked at the thread and all of its colors.

Grace read me a story from a crafting book.

It was the best Saturday afternoon. We played.

I would never have imagined, but it was wonderful.

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