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Mah Favorite

Gracie says so many words. Every day, there are new words and new sentences and new funny combinations. She is a real chatterbox.

One of the words she's been saying a lot is mah favorite.

Manda, blue is mah favorite.

Manda, purple is mah favorite.

Wonder Pets on teebee! Mah favorite!

Grandma, you're mah favorite.

Cheese! Cheese mah favorite!

You get the idea.

I have no idea where this favorite business comes from. I would never overuse a word like that.

I certainly don't have sixty-seven favorite meals.

Of course not.

And I definitely don't have thirty-eight favorites from our recent professional photo session.

Of course not.

I did promise to share more of those photos, so here are a few more of my favorites.

0038 0037 0039

Mah baby

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