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Mmm – Creamy

Today, we celebrated Grace's birthday.

Yes, again.


Grace had the flu, so we had to postpone her birthday party the first time around. So, two and a half weeks after her birthday, we celebrated it again.

Grace spied her Elmo cake while I was frosting it, and she wanted a sample. To keep her out of the actual cake, I gave her the pieces I'd sliced off to level the bottom, topped with the extra frosting.

Elmo is red and orange. The frosting was red and orange.

Grace told me that it was dee-lish-ee-ous.

I think I might have had too much food coloring in it, as it dyed her fingers and lips and tongue red-orange.

It was so delicious that her finger became inadequate in delivering it to her mouth.

She located the spatula I'd used to frost the cake and used it to deliver the frosting instead.

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The scene reminded me of Mrs. Doubtfire, when Robin Williams dips his face in the cake in order to evade the home inspector. There was frosting dripping everywhere.

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