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I’ve Found a Rhythm

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Yesterday, I had a discussion with two friends who are at different points in the EA Sports Active 30 day challenge. One of them complained that she felt slovenly taking every third day off. “It's just too much rest,” she said.

Too much rest? Is there such a thing?

I don't want to portray my friend in a negative light. She was simply stating that she prefers to do a workout each day, and she appreciates that the EA Sports Active lets her skip her rest days if she chooses to.

I'm in awe of her fitness. I'm skipping exercises, and she's skipping rest days.

I think it's a tremendous testament to this program that my friend and I both use it successfully. She gets a daily challenge that pushes her to achieve her fitness goals. The same program gives me an appropriate challenge, too, even though our goals and fitness levels are worlds apart.

I've settled into a great rhythm with my 30 day challenge, and that rhythm has me work out every other day. My physical therapist suggested that every other day would be best, given my level of fitness and my back injury. I do an EA Sports Active work out and then I take a rest day.

Guess what.

My virtual trainer doesn't yell at me. She doesn't groan when I turn on the Wii, and she doesn't tell me it's been too long since I visited. She says it's great to see me, and she leads me into the next challenge.

Do you know how easy that makes it to stay motivated? It makes a world of difference.

The EIGHT pounds I've lost in three weeks helps, too.

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