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Skinny Cow Review

About sixteen months ago, I started Weight Watchers. It was easy for me to follow, and Joe soon joined in.

Weight Watchers is not about deprivation. It's about replacing bad habits with better ones and learning to make healthier food choices.

We knew we'd miss our evening snack, so we went looking for a replacement. We tried other fudge bars, but we weren't entirely impressed. A friend suggested we try Skinny Cow fudge bars.

Oh my goodness! Those fudge bars are as good as any on the market. They're delicious.

I love ice cream.

You might not understand just how much of an ice cream aficionado I am. I am obsessed with ice cream; I'd be happy to eat ice cream for every meal of the day.

Fortunately, I have enough sense not to eat ice cream for every meal of the day.

I tell you about my ice cream obsession to tell you that I am a wee bit of an ice cream snob, and Skinny Cow fudge bars meet my criteria for ice cream.

When our Weight Watchers membership lapsed, we lapsed into a lot of our old habits. We quit measuring our portions, and we quit counting our points. We did not quit eating Skinny Cow fudge bars. In fact, we still keep a full box (or two!) in our freezer all the time.

When I received a couple of Skinny Cow product coupons, I had a real decision to make – use them for our old favorite, the reliable fudge bar or branch out to something new. Skinny Cow makes Truffle Bars, Skinny Dippers, Chocolate Fudge Cones, Ice Cream Sandwiches.

We've decided to work our way through the product line. I'll let you know how we like each one as we try it.

I'd like to thank Ketchum and Skinny Cow for this review opportunity.

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