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My First Impressions of EA Sports Active

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and EA Sports Active for the Wii

I want to be active and healthy.

It's not going to be easy. On May 1, I was injured in a car crash. I was sitting at a red light when another car hit me from behind. I was pushed into the car ahead of me, my car was demolished, and I suffered neck and back injuries. I haven't be able to work or even move around much since it happened.

I go to physical therapy for my neck and back three times a week, and I take short walks several times a day. In the weeks since the crash, I have gained five pounds.

Unsure if I'd be able to complete my 30 day challenge, I mentioned EA Sports Active to my physical therapist. He told me that a little activity would be great for me, but that I had to listen closely to my body and stop working out before my back or neck became sore.

I created a profile on EA Sports Active and got ready to start. I was disappointed to see that I couldn't register a weight over 300 pounds, but the fact that the game thinks I weigh less than I do is irrelevant to its use.

Joe did his workout first. It looked very vigorous. Joe ran, did stretches, feigned inline skating, and a handful of other things. He was soaked with sweat; I was afraid I'd be unable to do it.

My workout was slightly different than Joe's. Clearly, the program adjusted my workout to account for the fact that I am much less fit than Joe. It still wanted me to run, but not as far. I walked quickly instead of running, and my virtual trainer told me to pick up the pace. Aside from her prodding, there were no drawbacks to me walking. I got a good workout right off the bat, but in a low impact way that was appropriate for my level of fitness.

There were a few sections of the workout that I was unable to do. The inline skating made my back pull and tighten almost immediately, so I skipped out of it. Same with the lunges. Pursuant to my therapist's instructions, I stayed away from exercises that stressed my back.

I also took lots of breaks. When I was out of breath, I sat or laid down, drank some water, and then got up and started working again.

The next day, my workout was entirely different. A few elements overlapped, like walking and running, and a few of the curls and stretches. Again, I skipped the activities that stressed my back, and I took breaks when I needed to.

Today is Day 3, my first off day. (The 30 day challenge has you work out two days and then take a day off.) My thighs and upper arms were feeling the burn, but my body feels good. I have more energy than I've had in months, and I am already feeling stronger and healthier.

What did you think of the workouts and the individual activities?

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