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Nanda’s kitties

Every now and then, Grace gets it in her head that she needs to go visit Amanda and her kitties. When this happens, all I hear is Nanda. Kitties. Nanda's kitties. Nanda. Kitties. Nanda's kitties.

The child is tenacious; her chant can go on for a quarter hour or more. Nanda's kitties! Nanda. Kitties. Nanda's kitties.

I don't always relent. Sometimes, though, especially on the weekend, I drop Grace off at my parents' house to see them and Amanda and the kitties. She loves it.

On this particular Sunday afternoon, Joe and I went grocery shopping while Grace hung out with Nanda's kitties. When we returned to pick her up, Grace and Nanda were sleeping soundly on my mom's water bed while Barney blared on the tv. I couldn't resist snapping a photo.


There were no kitties in sight.

Dropping Grace off for a visit instead of hiring a baby sitter works for us. She didn't even notice that we'd gone anywhere.

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