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DaBib is Da Bomb

I have a messy toddler. Don’t we all?

I suppose there’s a rare toddler out there who prefers not to make a mess when she eats, but I did not give birth to that one. I gave birth to the normal one who likes to explore the texture of food between her fingers and insists on feeding herself, thank you very much.

Even when it means getting ice cream or soup or ketchup all over the table, the chair, the floor, and her clothes.

She’s like Frank Sinatra – I did it my way!

Up to this point, we’ve been using bibs that I got at a big box store. They are very large, covering Grace from shoulder to shoulder, and they are water proof. And yet, she ends up with food all around her neck, under the bib on both sides, and all over her lap.

The bibs are so water proof that the liquid slides right down the bib, overtop of the anemic pocket, and onto Grace’s lap. Not exactly the desired result. Crumbs do the same thing. I’ve been less and less satisfied with those bibs as Grace has become more and more messy.

Enter DaBib. There are two different styles – DaHugs are waterproof on the back and microfiber on the front. DaGiggles are waterproof on both sides. Ours is a DaHugs.

  • The neck is snug; it’s DaBib’s signature Scrunch Neck material. No food falls between the toddler and the bib.
  • Everything sticks to the bib. Rice.  Ice cream. Ketchup. Microfiber is like a magnet for crumbs, assorted food pieces, and other miscellaneous gunk that I would rather not end up on her pants, the seat, or (worst of all) my pants.
  • The crumb catcher at the bottom folds out from behind so that it sticks out. It doesn’t sit flat against the bib like others do. It’s nice because it actually catches crumbs.

DaBib made two cute videos about their bibs. One features a dog whose alias is Pasta Face and the other is a little cutie feeding her doll baby.

If I were to make an improvement to DaBibs, I would make them a wee bit bigger. Better yet, I would love it if DaBibs were available in two sizes – one for babies and small toddlers and a second size for bigger toddlers.

We’re definitely going to have to buy more DaHugs from DaBibs. This one bib has become our go-to bib for every occassion, and we’re fighting over it. I want to send it to day care, but Joe wants to use it for supper. And then it’s dirty when we want to go out to eat. It’s a real problem.

Do yourself a favor and buy a couple of them right off the bat, okay?

Guess what, Dear Reader! DaBib is giving your choice of bib to one lucky Feels like Home reader!

To enter: Visit DaBib, look around, and choose the product that you would order.  Come back here and tell which one you like and why. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you.

For extra entries: You can earn one extra entry for each of the following:

  1. Stumble this post and tell me about it in the comments.
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Good luck! I’ll use to choose a winner some time after 9 pm on April 6, 2009.

I’d like to thank the Family Review Network and DaBib for this giveaway.

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45 thoughts on “DaBib is Da Bomb”

  1. This sounds like the answer to my prayers! We have a plastic smock thing that we use, but it’s getting tattered and stained. I LOVE the cute blue DaHugs. The DaGiggles is really cute, too.
    I stumbled you!
    Going to tweet now…@jennelsonlane

  2. dahugs in yellow because it looks like it might (again MIGHT!) be able to keep my baby clean!

    autumn398 (at)

  3. Looks pretty cool! We’re big Bumkins SuperBib fans over here, but I’d love to try a competitor. I subscribe to two of your blogs (are there more?)

  4. I think I like the DaGiggles style a lot…even though DaHugs is pretty darn nifty, too. I am always looking for new products and am blown away by all the great items small businesses are offering up to all of us moms.

    Kudos to DaBib!!!

  5. My favorite is the DaHugs Prints in yellow because we don’t know the sex of the “peanut” yet. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  6. DaHugs in yellow because it could be used for a boy or girl!

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  7. I like the Signature Stripe DaGiggles bib. What I really like is the coller that prevents food from getting under it! Pretty nifty!

  8. I like the DaHugs in solid yellow because it has a waterproof backing to keep clothes dry but the front is terry cloth. Thanks!

  9. Not only does my daughter drool a lot (and nope- no teeth yet), but she’s eating solids now and makes quite a mess. I thin the DaHugs bib would be great for not only absorbing all the drool, but also catching her food as we learn to keep the food in our mouths and swallow.

  10. These bibs are great! I would choose the DaHugs in blue for my best guy friends new little one. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

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