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Ease Shampooing Struggles with the Lil Rinser

From the first days of her life, my Gracie Anna has hated having her hair washed. She doesn’t even like to have her head wet.

It’s like The Cat in the Hat, rewritten – not in the pool, not at the beach, not in the bath, not in the sink. She does not ever want her hair to be wet.

She loves taking a bath, as long as her hair stays dry.

You can imagine that shampoo time got pretty dicey. The bigger she’s gotten, the harder it has become to wash her hair. She flips around and, more often than not, she ends up getting shampoo and water directly in her face. The bucket gets poured, and she jerks right into the stream. It’s unfortunate (and the shampoo is gentle and tear-free), but it happens almost every time. Then the sputtering and screaming begin.

I feel really bad, because I know she’s not just throwing a fit. She cries and says “All Done!” and signs and everything. It’s stressful for all three of us.

So, you can imagine that I was delighted and optimistic when I was offered a Lil Rinser for review. We’d tried a lot of different products, but never one like this.

The day it arrived, Grace pulled it out of the box, said , “Oh, wow! Hat!” and put it on her head. I thought this was a good sign.

I put the Lil Rinser on her head during the bath, and she was still excited. She laughed and told me about her ornge hat and touched it.

Then I rinsed her hair, and she was no longer happy about the hat. There was no water in her face – not even a drop. The Lil Rinser channelled every bit of the water back, away from her face, to the back of her head. It worked perfectly.

These days, shampooing is still a struggle because Grace has started pulling away from the Lil Rinser. Water gets in her eyes. I hope, though, as she ages, that she’ll eventually understand that it’s helping her and she’ll let us use it.

The Lil Rinser is inexpensive, and it works exactly as it’s supposed to. I definitely recommend it, expecially if your child struggles with hair washing.

Guess what, Dear Reader! Lil Rinser is giving one to one lucky Feels like Home reader!

To enter: Visit The Lil Rinser’s website, look around, and choose the color combination that you would order.  Come back here and tell which one you like. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you.

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Good luck! I’ll use to choose a winner some time after 9 pm on April 8, 2009.

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35 thoughts on “Ease Shampooing Struggles with the Lil Rinser”

  1. My son just turned 2 and washing his hair has become a major nightmare. I can completely sympathize with you and your struggles! He has tubes in his ears and has to wear earplugs when we wash his hair. He starts to panic and cry as soon as he sees them coming. I’m willing to try anything to make life a little bit easier (we’re expecting a little brother in just a few weeks!). I love the yellow and blue color combination, but the green and orange one is fun as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. wow-I happened across your blog today. We have the same fighting issues with our 18 month old for washing/rinsing. I would love one of these and if I don’t win it, I’ll end up buying it! I like the blue/pink combo. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  3. I stumbled this post with a giant thumbs up. Really hope we win this little thing – my 2 yo HATES getting his hair rinsed, and it’s turning bath time from a calming, fun thing into a giant fight.

  4. Elijah doesn’t mind his hair washed yet, which is a blessing. As a matter of fact he loves his baths. Loves them so much he splashes around like crazy, only to cry if he happens to get water in his eyes. Sadly this usually happens while mommy is trying to use her hand to block the water from running down while I’m using a cup to rinse his hair. He is trying to look down at his feet kicking in the water and i am trying to hold his head back and somewhere in between he ends up with a face full of water. This would surely help to keep it out. We would love the yellow and blue one. His bathroom is yellow and blue!
    Thanks for the chance with a great review!

    From Son Up to Son Down
    Twitter: @erinjeany

  5. My 2 yr old son hates getting his face wet. My 6 yr old daughter also hates for her face to get wet. I would love to win. If I won, I would like the yellow/blue one. Thanks.

  6. Hey, if this thing works like you say it does, I’d love to try it. Noah is NOT a fan of rinsing his hair. The green/orange color combo is my favorite, because I’m trying to stay gender-neutral these days with baby girl coming soon.

    So, I’m not sure what “stumble” means, and I don’t tweet, but I’m a long-time subscriber to Feels Like Home, and I just added this site as well. How many entries can I score for that? 😉

  7. This looks like a fabulous product. It can be such a pain rinsing my daughter’s hair. I like th pink and blue one best

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