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Accessories for a Play Kitchen

Last week, I helped you to decide what play kitchen to buy. This week, I'll show you some of the accessory options.

What accessories will you want?

There are more play kitchen accessories than you could ever imagine. Play food, pots and pans, small appliances, bakeware, aprons, kitchen towels, utensils, and on and on and on. I'll talk more about accessories next week, and then more about organizing all those accessories in two weeks.


Some fun foods and a timer

And here are some I'd like to add in the coming months and years:
A toaster from Pottery Barn Kids?

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6 thoughts on “Accessories for a Play Kitchen”

  1. I love the fruit and cutting board set. How fun. We were give Grace’s kitchen as a “hand me down” from a good friend. She also supplied lots of the kitchen ware and food. So, we haven’t bought anything.

    I do want to get her an apron. What am I talking about, I want to get me an apron, too!!

    This was fun!

  2. Oh, that is soooo cute! I remember playing with a cardboard box kitchen. I had a really cheap dollar store teaset when little too. My little sis got the tupperware one (no… no bitterness here… ok… maybe a little, lol).

    I love the table and chairs. Oh, and I wanna make matching aprons for me and my lil girl when she gets older! 🙂

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