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Dear Reader, for once in my life, I am verklempt. I really have (practically) nothing to say about this picture, so it's almost a real Wordless Wednesday post.

The main reason that I have nothing to say is that just looking at it makes me tear up; I am simply overwhelmed.

We took this picture just before leaving Grandma's house on Sunday.

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20 thoughts on “Verklempt”

  1. Well, my gracious. I just went to the link that you sent me and I was shocked. I can’t believe you nominated me. You are the SWEETEST THING!!! I feel so out of the whole mommy blog thing. I was just wondering how you find the time to work, post on your blog, contribute to Foodie Mama, Type A Mom, and Creative Bliss. Seriously! And, I don’t know when you find the time to do the Entre Card thing. I love you!!!-lisa

  2. So, you need to know that I nominated you. Now, I want you to know that I did not nominate you because you nominated me. While I was reading her post, I started to think, “Humm, I think Tara is the person I want to nominate.” Seriously. So, I DID! You rule. I wrote that you really are Martha Stewart. Someday, everyone will know that Martha is a fake, and you are the REAL THING!

  3. There’s something about seeing multiple generations in one photo that just makes you stop and pause and be grateful.

    You are so lucky to have this opportunity.

  4. It’s a great picture representing a wonderful memory that will be treasured always. My mom’s mom died when I was 6 and I love the pictures that we have of her. She was a wonderful cook too.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  5. Beautiful!

    I have a photo much like that of when I was a baby, with my grandma and great-grandma by my side. I treasure it greatly because it’s one of the few photos I have of my great-grandma.

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