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An apology

Dear Grandfatherly Looking Stranger in Aisle 8 at Wal-mart,

I thought you looked perfectly kind and, well, Grandfatherly. I would have happily let you tickle my foot, and I would have squealed with delight. I would have said “tickle, tickle, tickle,” back to you, and I would have laughed.

Partly, I would have done it to be polite, and partly, I would have done it because you're cute in a Grandfatherly way.

My daughter, however, is much more shy than me, and she just wasn't in the mood. I'm sorry that she snubbed you, and I'm hoping that some day, she'll get over her shyness.

Don't take it personally that she put her blanket over her face and held it in place until you walked away. She really didn't mean to imply that you smelled bad or were dressed poorly. She's just afraid of strangers.

Actually, strangers are at the top of a long list of things that scare her.

I hope you'll excuse her. Next time we bump into you in Aisle 8, try again. Maybe she'll only cover her head part way.


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