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The cure!

Everyone loves chocolate. I love chocolate; Grace loves chocolate.

Joe would probably love chocolate if he ever got to taste any. Poor Joe.

Since our really bad day last week, we have been eating more than our fair share of snack-sized Hershey bars.

What’s that, Dear Reader? You want to know why we’re eating more Hershey bars these days?

Oh, that’s easy. Grace has an infection, and she has to take an antibiotic.

She hates the antibiotic. She screams and cries and throws a fit as soon as she sees the medicine syringe.

Except… when she sees the Hershey bar, the fit ceases. She grins and wiggles and squeals.

So Grace takes her yucky medicine, and then she eats her toddler-sized candy bar. It works for us.

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