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I feel like one of the cool kids!

I’ve received three blogging awards recently. How about that? A year goes by, nothing. All of a sudden, three awards from the blogosphere. I feel like one of the cool kids at the party.

It’s really an honor to have blogging friends who think you’re cool. My friend Lisa, from Blessed with Grace, gave me the BFF Award. The rules for this award are
  • You can give it to 5 people: 4 of them should be followers of your blog, but one of them should be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
  • Please link back to the person who gave you the award.
I don’t want to downplay the coolness of getting an award from my friend. It’s really great and fun, and it has never happened to me before.
I am giving the BFF Award to
  • Mommay’s Mayhem – Jenn and I bonded on Twitter over our favorite (apparently now cancelled) tv show. She is a mom of three small kids, and her blog is always entertaining. She’s gotten a bunch of other awards lately, so I wanted to bestow one upon her that she doesn’t already have. 
  • Here’s to Dreams & Friendship & Life – Holly is one of my Prego Pals. She is an artist, a professional photographer, and I think she’s just amazing. And she takes her baby into bars.
  • I am my father’s Daughter – =) is the pen name of another Prego Pal. She’s funny and sarcastic. You’re going to love her take on the world. 
  • Not a DIY Life – Though not a Prego Pal, Heather’s daughter is also a June 2007 baby. Heather’s blog is always an inspiration to me. I especially love her series about how she and her husband met. It’s wonderful.
  • Math Mommy Musings – Carol has the cutest son in the world. Really, he is a doll. She’s a university math professor, which I really admire. Her blog is funny and sweet.

An even bigger honor, to me, was the second award. It’s called The I Heart Your Blog Award. For this award, you’re supposed to nominate seven blogs that you love. I was nominated by Heather at Finding Me in the Madness.
That’s not the part that really touched me because, naturally, Dear Reader, people love me, and they love my blog.  
The part that touched me was that I got this award from a person I’ve never had a conversation with. She put my blog on her list, and we aren’t friends yet. We will be soon.
Wow! Heather said some really nice things about me. Things so nice that I probably don’t deserve them.
Thanks, Heather. You really made my day!
I am passing the I Heart Your Blog award on to:
  1. Lisa – I first read Lisa’s blog because it is called Blessed with Grace. We both have babies named Grace. Lisa and her Grace are funny and stylish, and I am always entertained by their blog.
  2. Kristen – I love We are THAT Family. If you don’t read it, you should. It’s hysterical and real. Kristen and her kids do all of the stupid things that the rest of us do, and they make it funny. My personal favorite? Her baby taking off her diaper in the middle of the Salvation Army.
  3. Mindy – I’ve been reading MindySaid for as long as I’ve been reading blogs. She has an awesome series about marriage that I read every Friday. Her blog is definitely one of the best out there.
  4. Amy – I met Amy, the Crunchy Domestic Goddess on Twitter. We have a lot in common, including an interest in canning and preserving food. She has a great blog.
  5. Stephanie – I don’t remember how I found A Year of Crockpotting, but I know for sure that I’ve read it every day all year long. She has committed to using her Crockpot every day of 2008, and she’s done some freakin’ awesome recipes. Plus, she is very helpful. On a couple of occasions, I made one of her recipes but had trouble with it. I posted a comment and she got back to me right away to help me out. Did I mention that she appeared on the Rachel Ray show?
  6. Amber – I met Amber on Twitter. Her blog, Imperishable Beauty, is honest and inspiring. It’s a lot like Feels like home in that it’s an eclectic mix of essays, narratives, memes, and other random stuff.
  7. Carole – Carole’s Thoughtful Spot is a blog I found on Entrecard. I haven’t been reading long, but I really like what I’ve seen so far. My favorite post is this one, about a scrap of paper she found in her Bible.

Would you believe that I had all but finished this post, and Mindy gave me a third award? I decided to do some editing to the original post and add her award rather than starting over. I had no idea that Mindy read my blog on a regular basis. I adore her blog, and I am honored that she thought of me for the Brilliante Weblog Award. Yeah!

The rules for this one are as follows:
  • Put the logo on your blog.
  • Link to the person who gave you the award.
  • Nominate 6 bloggers, and include their links in your post.
  • Leave a message for each of your nominees.
I’m giving this award to some women that I think are brilliant. They are all very successful, and they’re working really hard at what they do. They are:
  1. Kelby – Kelby runs, FoodieMama, Type-A Mom, and writes for a plethora of other sites.
  2. Amy – Amy is another blogger that I met on Twitter. MomAdvice is the most professional mommy blog I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean that Amy is impersonal. She’s not. We had a long conversation one day not long ago about bread machines. She rocks.
  3. Jessica – Jessica is the Chief Mom Officers for Wishpot Baby, owns JessicaKnows, and has started a handful of other sites. She’s also one of Walmart’s 11 Moms project.
  4. Stephanie – Stephanie runs Stop the Ride! and the Make It From Scratch carnival that I usually participate in.
  5. Jenn – Like Jessica, Jenn is on of Walmart’s 11 Moms. Her blog is called FrugalUpstate. I did the copy editing on part of her site, but that’s not why I picked her. She’s brilliant and innovative and really cool.
  6. Amy – Amy is a teacher who is currently staying home with her kids. She runs several websites, including ResourcefulMom, and is also working on a book.
  7. Angela – Angela started the Positive Living Ning group, and she has encourages other bloggers to be positive, rather than being a bunch of complainers. She also writes a blog I like called Unexpected Art.
Phew! This took a lot longer than I expected, but I wanted to spread around some linky love.
PS. I hope you’ll play along, but I totally understand if you don’t. In either case, post your award and let others know that I think you rock. 

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