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Act2GreenSmart giveaway WINNERS

Hello Dear Readers!

I am happy to report that my mom didn’t win this giveaway. I just thought I’d get that out of the way.

I asked to give me a number. It chose

It pays to be early to the party, Dear Reader!

Mindy left comment #2, and her tip for recycling was to donate her old newspapers to the local pet store for the puppies. What a great idea!

The other winner was chosen by my husband, Joe, who pored over all of the earth-saving tips. I asked him to pick the best tip, but I refused to give him criteria for what qualified as the best. He chose the one that he thought was the most unique and original. His pick is Mom to frick, frack and clickity clack, who said:

I recycle my dryer lint to use as a fire starter for our fireplace along with toilet paper rolls and egg cartons- these three items make the easiest fires and uses up waste!

I’d love to win a purse!

The only problem is that this Mom didn’t leave an email address so I have no way to find her. I’ve put out the message on Twitter and now here, so I hope she’ll contact me by leaving a comment here or emailing me at tara at feelslikehomeblog dot com.

I’ll give Mom to frick, frack and clickity clack one week to contact me. If she doesn’t contact me by October 7, 2008, I’ll make Joe pick a second winner.

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  1. Hi there!I can’t find your twitter username to add to Mr. Linky for everyone to follow!Happy to ‘see’ you tonight!

  2. Ditto Carissa’s comment. Perhaps go back to Mr. Linky and put in your twitter URL. That may work.Hope to “see” you tonight.Jyl

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