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30 days to happiness, day two

It's hard to pick the two things I'm most thankful for today because there are so many.

I am blessed, Dear Reader. Truly blessed.
Today, I am thankful for a delicious supper that was prepared by my husband while I was taking a nap. He made hamburgers on the grill and oriental green beans. Delicious. He kept the baby busy, and he let me sleep for almost two hours.  I guess that's three things in one, but I hope you'll overlook my bending the rules.
The other thing I'm thankful for on day two is Hurricane Grace. She's been a Category 5 playing fool today. This morning, she woke up while I was in the shower. Because she'd been sleeping in my bed, she was able to slide right off onto the floor. You know how showers can get around here, so I was delighted that Hurricane Grace blew through only the band aids while I was in the shower. Since we got home this afternoon, she has smeared marshmallows, dumped iced tea, crunched Puffies, pulled books off of the bookshelf, helped Daddy cook, escaped from the back deck, and made  a myriad of other less interesting messes. She keeps us laughing, that's for sure.

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