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Tagged again!

You remember the sing-songy voice, right? Tagged a-gain

Twice. In one day.
Really, I'm glad because I have been busy and neglecting my blog anyway. So being tagged was a good thing.
First, I was tagged by Jen. I “met” her recently on Twitter, and we talked about our mutual love of the salacious summer soap, Swingtown. Her rules:
  1. Link back to the person who tagged you
  2. Mention the rules on in your post
  3. Share 6 unspectacular quirks
  4. Tag 6 more blogs by listing their links
  5. Leave a comment for each of the 6 victims blogs that you tagged
This meme is not really fair because I'm quirky. Like, really quirky. 
You might think you know how quirky, but I bet you don't.
6 of my unspectacular quirks
  1. I pop my husband's pimples. Is that sensitive information? Don't think badly of my husband; he doesn't allow me to do it. I lie in wait in dark corners and attack his pimples when he least expects it. It doesn't make him happy, trust me.
  2. The real reason I like to sew is so that I can have things that no one else has. You know, like leopard-print pants.
  3. I'd rather do things my own way than follow the crowd and have tons of friends. Sometimes this quirk makes me sad, like “How come nobody likes me?” but then I realize it's because they all think I'm strange. 
  4. According to my brother-in-law, I have “old lady” hobbies. You know, like sewing, gardening, cooking, and that sort of thing. They might seem normal and un-quirky now, but I've had these hobbies since about age 12.
  5. I'm a loner. I really enjoy spending time all by my lonesome.
  6. I've had a pet turtle for ten years. 
Second, I was tagged by Bridget, who's a familiar face around here. Her rules were pretty much the same as Jen's, except that you're supposed to write 7 fun, interesting facts about your child or children. (Well, that wasn't the original thing, but that's what Bridget did, so I thought I'd keep the mutation going.)
7 fun, interesting facts about my daughter
  1. Grace got a baby doll this week. She picked it out at the Walmart, and we bought it and brought it home. She loves the dolly, and she named it. Mama. She says “Mama!” and then kisses it all over. Wonder where she learned that?
  2. Grace has perfected the MWAH noise. She does it all the time. I'm so delighted to have such a lovable and happy child.
  3. Grace is a born communicator. The words she uses on a regular basis are hello, balloon, baby, kitty, Mama, Dada, more, da (Elmo – why she calls him da, I'll never know!), woof (that's a dog), again, that, all done. I should pay more attention because I know I'm missing some. 
  4. She peed on the potty this morning. For the first time. Ever. She's been sitting on it for a couple of weeks, but never actually used it before. We were both elated. Well, truthfully, she was elated because I was elated. Well, that, and she thought she was going to get to play in the yellow water in the potty.
  5. Grace prefers vegetables to all other foods. Broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, peas, green beans, asparagus, yes. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, no. How strange is that? Strange but good. We're delighted.
  6. Grace talks on the phone. For real. She picks it up and says “ALLO?” and then proceeds to have her end of a crazy, wild conversation. She gesticulates and makes facial expressions and everything. I've been trying to videotape the hilarity of it, but she always stops and tries to take the camera when I get it out. She's probably thinking rotten paparazzi!
  7. When she's trying to be sneaky or really fast, Grace bends over at the waist, puts her hands out behind her, and runs. It could well be the funniest thing I've ever seen. It's like she's a jet taking off or something. I can't even describe it any better than that. It's a riot. Oh, yeah, and she's always laughing when she does it.
Okay, I'm not tagging 13 people because I don't know that many I want to leave some people for my other friends to tag. So, here my lucky few  
So it's up to you six whether you want to do one of these or both of them (or none, I suppose, though I am looking forward to reading). Make sure you leave a comment when you're done so that everyone will know to come look for your post.
Happy tagging!

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