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Tara needs

I googled “Tara needs” and discovered the following.

  • Tara needs to be in one place long enough to establish a trusting relationship with a good, interested, capable therapist.
  • Tara needs to keep her clothes on
  • Tara needs your help
  • Tara needs a new nose
  • Tara needs the support of the BMX and mountain biking families she has cherished throughout her career
  • Tara needs your donation.
  • Tara needs your prayers and positive thoughts
  • Tara needs to get a life.
  • Tara needs a workbench so that she doesn't ruin her table while working on projects
  • Tara needs to accept that no one is self sufficient all the time

Idea came from Kira. Feel free to copy on your blog. 🙂

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