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Movin’ on up

Grace has been thinking about walking for some time now. When I say that she's thinking about walking, I mean that she cruises all over, and she's been standing on her own a lot without holding onto anything. I know that she can do it, physically, but I think she just hasn't connected the dots yet in her brain. I'm not encouraging it or helping her practice. She'll get it when she's ready.

Yesterday, she was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at her dad in the kitchen. She picked up one foot and then she put it back down. She picked up the same foot again and put it down. (It was almost like watching one of the cats stalking prey, moving with anticipation but not really going anywhere. Or a sumo wrestler stomping to intimidate his opponent.) The third time she picked up her foot, she swung her knee up onto the step, gave a push and a grunt, and was standing on top of it.

This has never happened before. She's never even shown interest in the stairs before.

“Hey! Joe! Come see. Grace just climbed up onto the step.” In the time it took for me to say that and him to turn and come over to the steps, she had crawled up the second, third, fourth, and fifth steps. She grinned at dad as she crested the top of the sixth stair.

Wow. I think she's going to do the same with walking. One day, she'll just decide to do it and be off. I think that day is not far off.

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