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Eating (too much)

I consulted the ladies at Grace's day care about her current eating pattern. She eats normally there, and then eating normally in the evening, but then she eats a boatload at bedtime. In the last two weeks, it's not been unusual for her to eat 28 ounces through the course of a day, and then another 14 to 17 ounces at bedtime. It just seemed like a lot, but then some girls on BBC said that their babies don't eat 17 ounces all day long. I consulted my parenting library, and I realized that we haven't been feeding Grace enough “real food.” The day care teachers confirmed my suspicions and suggested that we start feeding Grace chunky food.

Joe attempted the “feed Grace more food” plan yesterday at supper time. No go. She refused whatever the homemade puree was that he offered. I suggested a banana and a slice of turkey from the fridge. She gobbled those down hungrily and wanted more. Yeah! Today, Grace ate Cheerios with formula, peaches, applesauce, goldfish crackers, dry Cheerios, and 2 servings of pureed veggies at day care. At home, she ate bananas and some of the chicken/mushroom/onion mixture that Joe used to stuff our calzones. Subsequently, she's only had one bottle at bedtime instead of two the past two nights.

The less formula plan has complicated our bedtime routine. It has definitely added more rocking chair time, but I'm glad she's drinking a little less formula.

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