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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know some people hate Valentine's Day, and I probably did once, too. But these days, I'm loving it because it's a special day to celebrate all of the people that I love. So, the people I'm celebrating today –

  1. Joe, my husband. I have found my soul mate in him. We are very different but the perfect complement for each other. My weaknesses are his strengths, and we have the same vision for our life together.. It's simply amazing to be so perfectly suited for each other. (The newly semi religious version of me realizes that this is God's plan.)
  2. Gracie Anna. What can I say that I haven't already gushed about? Gracie fills my heart with joy every single day of our lives. There is no richer, more fulfilled mom on the entire planet, I assure you.
  3. My parents, sisters, and niece. Quirky as they are, they are my family and they're there when I really need them.
  4. Joe's parents. They are wonderful and lovely people. It was tough for me to really warm up to them because they're so very different from my own eclectic bunch. Now, I see them for the kind, generous, caring people that they are.
  5. My Grandma. I have the coolest Grandma around. I've spent lots of time with her over the years, and I adore every moment.
  6. My kitties. Okay, so they technically aren't people, but I love them. They were my family before Joe and Grace came along, so they have to get their own spot.
  7. My friends. I have a few IRL friends and a few online friends. I don't think I would be sane without my Prego Pals/Anointed Ones. They are just great, and I love them.

So happy Valentine's Day to all!

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