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A lucky girl

This morning, I had a moment. I was filling out Grace's day care report when I noticed that Ms. Deb and Ms. Cyndi were really, genuinely excited to see my daughter. Day care is not a necessity, but a blessing.

Nothing happened this morning that was any different than any other morning, but the whole thing appeared to me in a whole new light. My daughter has three part-time grandmas who love her, play with her, and dote on her, just like I would if I were there. They have so much momma experience that they know just what to do to encourage her to stretch herself, to learn new things, and to explore her senses.

I know from talking to my Preggo Pals that Grace is pretty advanced physically. She sits up independently, she stands with very little help, and she is trying to walk. These skills are due, at least in part, to her time spent playing at day care.

Grace is a lucky, lucky girl.

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