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Remember that movie called Mouse Hunt?

We reenacted that in my classroom this morning. I teach astronomy to high school students during first period. This morning, my 25 kids were learning about Venus. (More accurately, we were reviewing what they know about Venus, but that's irrelevant to the current discussion.) I was writing on the board, and they were looking at me, when a mouse popped out from under the closet door, two or so feet away from me. I screamed (why??), causing it to run across the front of the room and into a small hole in the cabinet. For the next half hour or so, a few boys and I attempted to catch the mouse in a cardboard box. It kept peeking its head out of the little hole, seeing us, and then going back up into the cabinet. I tried to teach, but they weren't paying nearly as much attention to me as they were to the little hole in the far cabinet. After I resumed the lesson (for the seventh or eighth time), the mouse came out of the cabinet, ran along the wall, and jumped up into the heater vent, where I assume it hides even now.

No one fell asleep in class today. 🙂

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