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About Feels like Home

Why Feels like home?
When I was growing up, my family moved all the time. It felt like we got settled in to a new home and new town, and then we moved. No place I lived ever really felt like home to me. When I graduated from college, I was determined to build a home for myself and never move again.

At that point, I was a young woman who intended to be a single professional forever and aspired to be known as the neighborhood cat lady. But then I met my soul mate, and I quickly became his wife and the mother of a baby girl.

These days, my daughter is a precocious toddler, and I am a busy working mother, and my life feels like home. I know that I’m right where I belong.

The Feels like home blog is divided into six sections:

  • Homefolk: My family’s (typically embarrassing and funny) stories
  • Home Cooking: My favorite recipes & kitchen tips
  • Homegrown: Parenting & family advice (often in the shape of my foibles)
  • Homemaking: Keeping your home running smoothly (usually in environmentally-friendly ways)
  • Homespun: Crafts & other projects
  • Away from Home: My guest posts on other sites
About Tara:
I have a B.S. in secondary education and an M.Ed. in teaching and curriculum, both from The Pennsylvania State University. I also hold a Writing Specialist Certificate from Penn State. If you’re interested in my full professional profile, you can find it at TGZ Writes.

That’s supposed to look like me over there. It might, if I lost 200 pounds.

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